Optimism Reigns


Contrary to widespread negativity about the economic outlook, a number of indicators suggest much greater optimism among businesses, investors and consumers.











One less positive note is that while consumers are far more optimistic about the economy, this does not mean they are in spending mode. Both GfK and Nationwide spending indices were weaker in February which restricted the upward movement in the JGFR February Wellbeing Index to a 1 point rise on the month to -27, but up from –72 a year ago.


Commented John Gilbert, Chief Executive of JGFR: “The surge in optimism about the economy flies in the face of the tough measures needed to reduce the fiscal deficit the country has built up. What is driving such optimism - which has been around since last autumn - is puzzling. How to capture this optimism will be a challenge for all political parties as the general election draws closer.”


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